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Wolf S Studios has taken another giant step forward, to becoming the Leader of the Pack in Comic Book and Graphic Novel Design!!!

Look for our first published Graphic Novel, Available NOW!

We are a Design company that can take your ideas and turn them into something amazing. You can relax and know that what you want will be done just right. We can help you get the job done in the most professional manner and you can rest assure that your ideas will come to life in a unique and outstanding fashion.

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Alter Your Perception!


Gabriel, once top of the force, with his countless medals and badges, the youngest officer ever to go into retirement, yet achieving more than the entire Arcaidian Police Department put together in only 23 years of service. Being an orphan and not knowing anything about his family, he neglected everything in life, except his work.
Now Gabriel has finally had enough, wanting to end his streak of close calls and near death experiences, he starts his retirement with a holiday to Hawaii. Spending four months there, he gets the rest he deserves, now with his long stay over, Gabriel is eager to get back home and get in touch with his former colleagues, chartering a private jet, his all expense paid government holiday comes to a close. Though unknown to him, he left just in time, for he will return to a city..........changed forever.

Will this retired super cop, be able keep his wits about him and get out of the city alive? Or will the evil that has been unleashed there consume everyone and everything in sight?

These are the incidents that took place in a city formally known as Arcaidia, there were few survivors and this is their story………


See the Official Preview for Altered State - Report: 01 - Retirement in the Previews section of our Portfolio.


      Altered State - Report: 01 - Retirement    NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!

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Once, one of the most evil men to ever walk the earth, but after the betrayal of his father Dracula, he now lives a life of solitude.

Over a hundred years have passed since that day, but Dracula had never forgotten the power his son holds.

Sending his minions to convince Alucard to become the prince of darkness once more, had grown tiresome, for all Dracula got in responce...were dead followers.

Over the years, Alucard had found comfort in one woman and seeing this Dracula had finally found a way to persuade his son to return, return to castle Black Blood.


Can Alucard rescue his love from the King of the Night, Dracula and finally live in peace?


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CD Logo

Crystal Dreams is an epic tale, following a young mans quest in a medieval world filled with myth and fantasy.The protagonist, Sal, born to an ancient and immortal race of demon hunters, but exiled for his cursed bloodline.

Can he win the race against time to piece together a relic with such immense power that it holds the world’s very existence in the balance?


Created by Lucifer himself but lost in the ages, now the demons want it back! For 5 centuries they've searched and finally tracked it down to a single planet, Earth!

Willing to retrieve the relic at any cost, a battle to shake the very foundations of life itself is about to begin!

Against all odds can Sal gather the allies he needs to combat the forces of evil? And can this young man who was once cast aside, save the earth from destruction, lead us to salvation, and become . . . a hero!?


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< < RELEASE 20XX > > _________________________________________________________________________

Lady Wolf is the latest addition to the Wolf S Studios family, our highly talented female staff have formed together to create a team solely comprising of women, to deal specifically with women.

Lady Wolf will not only be concentrating on graphic design, but creating Graphic Novels and Online Comics specialized for girls.

Keep posted for Lady Wolf online comics.




WSS, not the biggest, but certainly the coolest of comic book publishers in the world, follow S with his right hand man J and his.....left hand girl L, as they takes no prisoners and they hit the comic book industry for all it's got.

Production companies, giant corporations, comic enthusiasts, newbie upstarts and even the mafia itself want a piece of this pie.

Can S and his team stand up to many, in a world where its all business, can they take WSS to the top or will they crash and burn like many before them?

Theft, fraud, spies, legal battles and even murder are part of any game when millions of dollars come into play. Any normal individual would crack under the pressure, but..............

They are the WSS team and they make trouble their business!


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Wolf S Studios Media Section

The Official Wolf S Studios website has added another whole new section.

The Media Section, which was converted from the Forum area, adds all new aspects to the already great, Wolf S Studios website. Not only transferring the Forum section into a Media option, we have added Wolf S Studios Theater - which is already live! And WSS NEWS, a news channel all about Wolf S Studios' latest events - COMING SOON!


Wolf S Studios Theater

Wolf S Studios Theater is the newest option in our recently created Media section.

Watch all your Wolf S Studios movies and video clips. From slideshows to animation, it's all there!

The Altered State - Introduction Video is already there and ready for viewing!

You even have the option to click on the link below each individual video to watch them directly on YouTube, cast your vote, leave comments, etc.

Have fun and enjoy!


Wolf S Studios Preview Section!

The Official Wolf S Studios website has added a whole new part to our Portfolio, a brand new Preview section, with previews of our Comic books and Graphic Novels before thier release.

Quick Link, click the image on the Left or


Look for it, linked directly from our Portfolio Section.

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07/01/09 - 2009 Update, Forum Section Converted to Media - (Including Forum, Wolf S Studios Theater,                      WSS NEWS), Portfolio Update - 1 x Sketches, 2 x Logos, 2 x Colored

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31/10/08 - Altered State - Report: 01 Officialy Released and Available for Purchase (added to Store                             Section), Home & Contact pages updated, Portfolio Update - 1 x Sketches added

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03/09/08 - Website Layout and Information Update

16/07/08 - Website Layout Update, Forum Page Now Live! Portfolio Update - 4 x Colored added, Store                  page created       

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